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Few artists carry the range and depth than the music of Colin Jones; with songs that push and pull from a whisper to full throttle growl, Jones presents a soul-driven sound that leaves listeners discovering more at each encounter.

Jones’ self-taught journey honors music as a cathartic ...

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Colin Jones returns with new single, 'Marietta Ave'

'Marietta Ave' sees the San Diego musician, songwriter, and filmmaker adopt a new, poignant sound derived from the timeless rock and pop of the '70s as well as today's indie contemporaries, creating a sort of
rock'n'roll unique to itself.


Following a year hard at work in his home studio, San Diego musician, songwriter, and filmmaker Colin Jones is proud to debut his new single, 'Marietta Ave'. The first bit of new material since the release of his bluesy 2020 debut EP, Mama Don't Weep, 'Marietta Ave' showcases a more introspective side of Jones, taking stylistic cues from the classic country and rock & roll juxtaposed alongside sensibilities of contemporary indie.

"To me, 'Marietta Ave' is about being given what you asked for and realizing it's not what you really wanted," explains Jones. "You've pushed away the people you love, you're left alone, and now you have to deal with that deafening quiet. That absence can be arguably more painful than the actual heartbreak itself."

photo by Colin Jones

A story about lovers trapped at an ultimatum, 'Marietta Ave' looks at what happens when someone finally answers the call and walks away. Jones continues, "I originally wrote the song as a ballad, though this iteration of the track was significantly slower and melancholy. I was listening to a lot of Fleetwood Mac and 70's country at the time, so I got the idea to try singing over a more energetic, danceable beat. Something about this clicked with me, so I went ahead and laid down a bass line you might hear from old funk or rock and roll." 

What results is a track that explores the duality of Jones' life experiences as a Californian through the lens of a nostalgia-soaked, idealized interpretation of the American Dream, among all the glitz and glamour of the Golden State, yet grounded by lyricism showcasing that loss and heartbreak are inescapable parts of the human experience. "Writing this song led me down a path that allowed me to tell a very personal story but in a way that I wanted to come back to," Jones concludes.

"Marietta Ave"
cover art by Colin Jones

'Marietta Ave' is available now to stream & purchase on all major platforms. Listen HERE.


About Colin Jones

Colin Jones is an artist, music producer, and filmmaker based in San Diego, California. Inspired by sounds both classic and contemporary, Jones' art not only exudes an aura of timelessness but also transcends creative mediums, merging his music with filmmaking endeavors and vice versa. Jones is currently putting the final touches on his yet-to-be-named debut LP.


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