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Few artists carry the range and depth than the music of Colin Jones; with songs that push and pull from a whisper to full throttle growl, Jones presents a soul-driven sound that leaves listeners discovering more at each encounter.

Jones’ self-taught journey honors music as a cathartic ...

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Evan Mester

SoCal-Based Singer-Songwriter Colin Jones Releases His Explosive New EP, Mama Don't Weep!

To celebrate the record's release, Colin will be performing an exclusive live-stream set on Friday.

As both an accomplished musician and filmmaker, Colin Jones is something close to a modern renaissance man. Like a screenplay, Mama Don’t Weep ebbs and flows between rising action, jazzy, nocturnal ambiance and clamoring, chaotic catharsis, evoking a diverse, multifaceted sound, not unlike the works of Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds. It's through that conceptual range and depth that Colin is able to evoke a starkly cool and genuinely novel sonic identity on Mama Don’t Weep, one that you will be sure to remember and crave more of. 

Fresh off premiering the music video for the EP's title track via IGTV, Colin will be entering the streaming fray once again for the proper release of Mama Don't Weep this Friday. This time, however, Colin will be making his live-stream performance debut via an exclusive record release set, hosted by M-Theory Music. Catch it live HERE on Friday, April 10th at 5:30pm PST. For more info and to RSVP, check out the Facebook invite page HERE.

About Colin Jones

Few artists carry the range and depth evoked by Colin Jones, who creates songs that frame his self-taught journey as a cathartic experience and figuratively place the musician as a release valve, wielding aural control over human emotion.

Jones experimented with the bass at a young age before picking up guitar and piano. Now with a musical style fully his own and free of formalities, Jones has gone on to incorporate such diverse elements as synthesizers, the Puerto Rican cuatro, complex percussion, and full brass sections into his genre-bending sound. An approach that has led him to write, perform, arrange, and produce his own material.

Upon his debut, Jones quickly gained a reputation as one of Sydney’s most interesting artists, pushing him beyond Australia into the United States, where he now resides in Southern California.